Exclusive Suggestions For Building Deck Or Patio In Your House Exteriors

With the extensive demand for expanding outdoor living space, as the warm weather is arriving, certainly this could be a great time to build a deck or a patio to your home.

As per the recent survey done, nearly 80% of homeowners want to improve the exterior of their homes for adding more value to their property and can use the best of the space they have in their backyard or in the front-end.

Online go through the catalogs of Gold Coast patios installation services to find out which would be a better option for your home exteriors.

Other than this, here are some suggestions to consider before your get your deck or patio constructed:

Deck vs. Patio

Decks are a pretty common choice for almost every sort of homes that are 14” or more off the ground.

They are usually preeminent platforms made from wood or wood-like material. Decks are perfect for slanted yards or homes that have basement.

Patios are built into the ground and can be prepared from concrete, brick pavers; wood, etc.

Patios are more problematic to construct in certain cases because retaining walls must be utilized so the patio can stand still and for that it requires flat and even surface.


While constructing a patio/deck, make sure it is of an appropriate size. Figure out what you would prefer to do on the deck/patio.

  • Do you want enough space for an outdoor table?
  • Would you like a fire pit with an outdoor TV?
  • Are you planning on hosting large outdoor parties?

Talk to decks gold coast installation services to get suitable answers to these questions and then fairly decide what suits more to your needs.

Material & Maintenance

Before getting your deck/patio built, do consider the architecture and appeal of your house. Make sure that the deck/patio design properly blends in with the architecture of your home.

Wood is a fairly affordable material, but requires adequate maintenance.  

Pick composite boards as they require less maintenance. Composite boards are a mixture of wood and plastic, and usually come with the warranty of 20-25 years.

Click here and you will get to know that composite wood do not fade with the weather and you can clean them will simple soap and water.  But they are little expensive, as they need less care.